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10.6.3 legacy kernel for INTEL/AMD

Title: 10.6.3 legacy kernel for INTEL/AMD
Version: 10.6.3
Compatible with:
10.5.x No
10.6.x (64-bit) Yes
Standard fixes are included, plus a few extra stuff:

  • Built-in kernel blacklister automatically blacklists bad kexts from loading. Therefore you don't need to use a disabler to disable it manually
  • bigger dmesg Which translates to a larger log file so that you can troubleshoot easily
  • uuid patching/fix Eliminates the need of UUID kext or specifying manually
  • fsb detection
  • cpu cache detection
  • reboot fix- Eliminates the need of OpenHaltRestart and fixes shutdown/reboot issue
  • sse3emu -SSE3 emulator for SSE2 processors . Bear in mind that most of the applications in Snow Leopard run fine with this emulator.

Some things added:

  • some support for the new 6 core i7
  • For people wanting to use XCode apps, I decided to add all the CHUD kexts to the kext blacklist. This means no more kp hell when installing and dealing with the development tools. If anyone thinks this is something that shouldn't be added, let me know.

Features in this specific package:

  • If you have SleepEnabler installed, your SleepEnabler kext will get updated. If you don't use it, don't worry about it - it won't get installed.
  • All of the CPUIDs in the new versions of programs from the 10.6.3 update will get patched. this means you don't need to deal with the hell regarding iTunes, etc.

(The actual patcher program also gets installed (/usr/local/bin/patcher, you can run from anyware via Terminal) as well as the CPUID text file (/Library/CPUIDs/*) Though this is only important to people who love control and want to be able to run it themselves :-P - this is all automated in the installer regardless. Unfortunately we still havent gotten on the fly patching working, so this is a reasonable fix for it for now.)

I do make cpuid files for updates and keep them online for AMD people to use regarding updates as well as a nice frontend to Maxxuss' patcher app, drag and drop a cpuid.txt file onto the app to launch it - just like Taruga's HDA Patcher.

Anyways, good luck to all. Source diffs are always available. ->

+ Download 2.32 MB

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