vineri, 23 iulie 2010

Chameleon 1.0.11 Installer

Title: Chameleon 1.0.11 Installer
Version: 1.0.11
Compatible with:
10.5.x Unkown
10.6.x (64-bit) Unkown
Description/instructions: Chameleon Boot Loader What is it? ----------- Chameleon is combination of various boot loader components. It is based on David Elliott's fake EFI implementation added to Apple's boot-132 project. Chameleon is extended with the following key features: - hybrid boot0+boot1h loaders for both MBR and GPT partitioned disks. - automatic FSB detection code even for recent AMD CPUs. - device-properties support. - software RAID support. - stage2 loader (boot) can be placed as a regular file in the boot partition's root folder. It has precedence over the embedded startupfile. -JMicron IDE DVD fix, SSE2, K10, Phenom support ! Source Code ----------- For downloading the source code please visit the project page at Licensing --------- Chameleon is released under the terms and conditions of Apple Public Source License (see attached APPLE_LICENSE) with the following restrictions: You may use this software for personal, educational and evaluation purposes only. To use this software for commercial purposes please contact us at:

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