vineri, 23 iulie 2010

DSDT simple editor V1.3.6 (DSDTSE)

Title: DSDT simple editor V1.3.6 (DSDTSE)
Version: 1.3.6
Compatible with:
10.5.x Unkown
10.6.x (64-bit) Unkown
Description/instructions: Changelog V1.2 (EN). Changed the routine to load dsdt files when dropping onto the app or double clicking them. Now the app knows if you are running Leopard or Snow to correctly recognize the EFI partition. Improved code (faster app). Improved the permission routine to install the dsdt files. Changelog V1.2.1 (EN) Improved English translation. Changelog V1.2.3 (EN) Solved a bug when opening custom code on the editor window (The program crashed). Added 4 new DSDT hacks (PCI naming hack, X58 CST hack, another Acl889a hack and Jmicron cosmetic hack). Changed Skin. Changelog V1.2.4 (EN) Improved search method on code. Added more devices to Acpi search popupmenu. Changelog V1.3.0 (EN/ES) Added a new shini editor from Alex Restrepo. Now Undo/Redo behaves as expected. (No more wrong repositioning). Code highlightning. Code enclosed by brackets can be closed. Line numbering. Version update under help menu. Changed placement of DSDT files to/Library/ Application support/EvOsoftware instead /Library. Improved search method. Color background of code editor can be changed. Text on code now has colors. New window layout. English and Spanish languages (Spanish is unfinished). Added more DSDT hacks. Changelog V1.3.1 (EN/ES) Hopefully solved the bug when the app fails to create it�s main working directory. Changelog V1.3.3 (EN/ES) Added support for Extended acpi tables on Main pane. Changelog V1.3.4 (EN/ES) Finally solved a bug on editor window. (when compilation goes wrong, buttons on editor become transparent after clicking error reporting window). Solved. Changelog V1.3.5 (EN/ES) Some minor tweaks in code. Added more DSDT hacks. Changed Icon. Changelog V1.3.6 (EN/ES) Catched a bug when using �Erase DSDT files� menu option. Added more DSDT hacks.

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