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Kernel mach_kernel 10.2.0 for netbooks based on Intel Atom

Title: Kernel mach_kernel 10.2.0 for netbooks based on Intel Atom
Version: 10.6.2
Compatible with:
10.5.x Unkown
10.6.x (64-bit) Unkown
Link: -
Description/instructions: atom hack description translated from russian from the TeaTeam tea blog site: Kernel mach_kernel 10.2.0 for netbooks based on Intel Atom. Everyone knows what happened update 10.6.2. As well all know that Intel Atom is not supported by the new kernel. Well, let's wait when will source xnu. While there is no source, I made a patch for mach_kernel 10.2.0. This "dirty bithack", so claims are not accepted. The patch is designed exclusively for Atom-based netbook! I do not update the working system to version 10.6.2, all the field tests carried out on what was at hand, namely, the unfolded stick to Mac OS X Snow Leopard Server. The installer is loaded with a patched kernel. If someone uses the kernel and updated from previous versions of Mac OS, test the given kernel and otpi***es in the comments, I'll be very grateful. Yes, patches are only 32-bit piece. Shows atom as Core 2 Solo. teateam blogspot com also see macrumors nov 20 9:19 EST post titled "Workaround Restores Mac OS X 10.6.2 Compatibility With Intel Atom Processors" INSTALL BY: 1. Download zip to Desktop 2. Unzip by double click 3. Open 4. sudo -s 5. Enter your root password 6. cd / 7. mv mach_kernel mach_kernel_1062 8. cp ~/Desktop/mach_kernel / 9. chown 0:0 mach_kernel 10. reboot

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