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linksys wusb54gc

Title: linksys wusb54gc
Version: v1-3
Compatible with:
10.5.x Yes
10.6.x (64-bit) Yes
Link: -
Description/instructions: Directions:
Simply download the file above and unzip it. Choose the folder you use according to your WUSB54GC version and OS X version.
  • Panther=10.3.x
  • Tiger=10.4.x
  • Leopard=10.5.x
  • Snow Leopard=10.6.x

Open the folder so that you see the "Applications", "Library", and "System" folders. Then open up another Finder window and go to the root (beginning) of your hard drive. Now just copy over the "Application" and "Library" folders to the root of your drive. Expect to be prompted for your login. Now install an application such as Kext Helper B7, Kext Installer, or this nice app we aren't allowed to link to for some stupid reason. Use whatever program you downloaded to install the WUSB54GC kext (it's at System/Library/Extensions inside the folder you unzipped). Reboot.
You may have to open up System Profiler, click on "Network" and hit apply for the card to connect. Remember that you also must use the "USBWirelessUtility" application to set up your connection and that you must start that every time you restart your computer. I recommend right clicking on its dock icon and checking "Open at Login". If you have any problems don't hesitate to ask for help.

If those kext installation apps don't support your computer (ie, you have a PPC (G3, G4, G5) or are running 10.4), you can follow these instructions:

Put the kext file(s) in /System/Library/Extensions/
Open Terminal (in Applications/Utilities) and set right permissions on kext by entering
sudo chmod -R 755 nameof.kext
sudo chown -R root:wheel nameof.kext
sudo touch /System/Library/Extensions

Delete extensions.mkext in /System/Library/
Repair permissions with Disk Utility and reboot

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