vineri, 23 iulie 2010

MyHack Installer 1.0 Final

Title: MyHack Installer 1.0 Final
Version: 1.0
Compatible with:
10.5.x No
10.6.x (64-bit) Yes
This release focused on further fine tuning the installer for smoother operation and enhanced functionality. You may notice that I have not added many "new features� but the existing features have greatly improved and the few new features that have been added are very useful refinements. I am considering this to be the first "Stable� release of the myHack installer and thus the beginning of the official 1.0 branch.

Note: It will take longer to run than previous versions due to a modified version of pfix 3.0 being run during post installation. This has been done to ensure absolute error-free installation. Just wait patiently and an installation succeeded message will be displayed when these scripts have completed, do not exit the installer prematurely!


v1.0 FINAL:

  • Updated Chameleon 2.0 RC4 to Chameleon-2.0-RC4_PCEFI-10.5_AsereBLN_myHack-1.0 r111
  • Updated pfix v2.6 to pfix v3.0
  • pfix now installed to /usr/sbin/ instead of /
  • Refined and improved pre-installation, bootloader installation, and post-installation scripts.
  • Added function to backup any existing /Extra directory prior to installation.
  • fdisk will now be used internally instead of overwriting the stock OS X one in /usr/sbin/
  • Replaced IOATAFamily.kext with a different one known to have fewer problems.
  • Added function to install tar, gzip, bzip2, rsync and nano to /usr/bin/ if target is installation device.
  • Modified default for Graphics Enabler to include a default VESA resolution.
  • New and improved boot theme.

v1.0 RC5.2:

  • Updated pfix v2.4 to pfix v2.6
  • Added function to to hide /boot file.
  • Added function to GraphicsEnabler option which will now determine the PciRoot value automatically.*
  • Bugfix: Corrected minor bug in post-install script. (Force system cache rebuild with kextcache)
  • Bugfix: Corrected minor bug in pre-install script. (Added IONetworkingFamily.kext to cleanup script)

* Automatic PciRoot discovery function will only be run when installer is targeting the root partition of a running Snow Leopard installation. If PciRoot can not be determined a default PciRoot value of 1 will be used instead.

v1.0 RC5.1:

  • Updated pfix v2.3 to pfix v2.4
  • Removed VoodooHDA.kext (Caused kernel panics for too many users).
  • Removed PlatformUUID.kext (no longer required).
  • Improved post-installation scripts to significantly reduce execution time.

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