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Dual (or even TRIPLE)-Boot an Acer Aspire 5740-5847!

Hello all! I'm writing this tutorial for anybody who has a stock Acer Aspire 5740-5847. I'm also creating it because I haven't seen another tutorial for this computer on the internet, so I think it would be a good idea to have the only one here. I'm going to keep this as no0b friendly as possible. By continuing, you agree that I am not responsible for anything bad that may happen. If you follow the instructions, everything will be safe. Also, before you begin, it is STRONGLY advised that you create a Windows 7 repair disk. I won't go over that here though.

After you are done with my instructions, you will be dual (or even triple) booting Windows 7, Mac OS X Leopard, and Linux Ubuntu (optional, but it's VERY easy ). Let's begin.

What you need to have before we start:
1) An Acer Aspire 5740-5847.
2) A USB Keyboard.
3) A completely blank DVD, better quality is preferred.
4) A USB Storage Device.
5) A USB Mouse.
-All these programs below are VIRUS FREE-
6) iDeneb (For noobs, this is the program that installs Mac OS X, I cannot give you a link, you need to do a Google search).
7) uTorrent (You probably will need this to download iDeneb!) If you don't already have the program, HERE is a link.
8) A DVD burning program. I used ImgBurn, you can get it HERE.
9) This .pkg file! You need it because your laptop's keyboard or track pad won't respond with Mac (they still work properly in Windows) after installation. This fixes it so you can use them!
10) EasyBCD. Get it HERE. Install it after you download it.

Much credit goes to ratvn . He guided me in my own installation, which gives me the knowledge to create this tutorial!

Prepare the iDeneb installer:
1. Make sure you downloaded iDeneb and ImgBurn.
2. Now install ImgBurn.
3. Insert your BLANK DVD. If Windows tells you it needs to be formatted, do it.
4. Launch ImgBurn and burn the iDeneb file to a Blank DVD. Take the DVD out.

Now what to do with that .pkg:
1. Get the flash drive, connect it to your laptop.
2. Format it NTFS. This is done by connecting it, going to My Computer, and right-clicking the USB storage device. Press the Format... option. Make sure it formats to NTFS.
3. After you format, copy and paste that .pkg file you downloaded earlier onto it.
4. Take the flash drive out.

Create a partition on your Hard Drive:
1. Right click on the My Computer Desktop icon.
2. Select Manage.
3. If probably will ask you if you want to continue, select Yes.
4. After the window appears, press Disk Managment in the sidebar on the left.
5. You will see some boxes pop up. One is your C-Drive. Right click that box and press Shrink.
6. When it asks how much you want to shrink it by, shrink it down at least 10240 MB.
7. Now you will have a box that says Unallocated Space. Right click it and press New Simple Volume.
8. Just press next until it finishes.
9. Now right click on whatever partition was just created. Press properties, and rename it to Mac OS X or something you can recognize. This is important so you don't get rid of Windows from your computer.

Configure your BIOS:

Shut down your computer. Turn it back on. After you press the power button, press F2. You may need to press it several times. A menu will appear. Scroll over to the right a few times using the arrow keys. There is a tab in that menu that controls the order of what device boots first. Set it so your CD/DVD drive boots first. Scroll to the Exit tab, and press Exit and Save Changes. Once your computer boots up, insert your iDeneb DVD. Shut down again.

Now to install iDeneb
1. Turn on your computer with the iDeneb DVD in the drive.
2. You should get a menu. Press F8 for the startup options.
3. Now type this EXACTLY: -v busratio=17
4. You'll start to see some code on the screen. If it ever stops moving, this is normal, DON'T shut off. Wait until you see a screen for language selection.
5. Press English or whatever you speak.
6. After the preparing installation box goes away, wait until a bar appears on the top of your screen. Press utilities. Be patient, it will be slow. Then press Disk Managment. Again, it's gonna be slow.
7. Select your partition that you created. Look over to the right and press the "Erase" button.
8. It will ask the format you want to format it to. Select Mac OS X Extended (Journaled).
9. Then press the red button in the top left hand corner.
10. Keep pressing next or agree until you get to a menu that asks where you want to install Mac.
11. Select the partition you just formatted.
13. Press the little gray triangle next to "Kernel". Mark the box next to the SECOND one (I forgot what it's called...)
14. Press the little triangle next to "Chipsets". Mark the box for Intel.
15. Now press done or next or whatever. Install it now. Be patient, it will take some time. Go do something else
16. After it installs, restart your computer. Windows should load. Good.
17. Take iDeneb out.

Now for EasyBCD:
1. You should have installed it by now. If you didn't install it before, do so now.
2. After it's installed, load the program.
3. Press "Add New Entry".
4. Click on the "Mac" tab. Leave everything there the way it is.
5. Shut down.

Set up your new Mac OS!
1. Turn on the computer.
2. Now you get a menu with Windows 7 or Mac OS X.
3. Select Mac.
4. You'll see another screen. Press F8 for the start up options. Highlight the Mac partition with the arrow keys.
5. Type -v busratio=17. If you don't want to see all this code, you can just type busratio=17.
6. Wait for the code to go by.
7. You're greeted by a screen saying your keyboard isn't recognized. Also, the track pad won't respond so plug in the USB keyboard and your USB mouse or you can't do anything.
8. Now follow everything on the screen until you get to the Mac Desktop.
9. Connect the flash drive you copied the .pkg file to earlier.
10. Find that .pkg file you put on there, double click it. Install it! Now your built-in keyboard AND track pad will work! Congrats! You now are dual-booting Windows 7 and Mac OS X Leopard.

Now for the triple boot part (this is an optional Linux Ubuntu install, but it is SUPER easy!):
1. Boot Windows.
2. Google Wubi Installer.
3. Download it, install it, and load it.
4. Just go through all of the prompts by pressing next and follow any instructions, and it will start to download files and install them automatically.
5. When it's done, reboot.
6. Now you triple booting Windows 7, Mac OS X Leopard, and Linux Ubuntu.


Please feel free to leave me feedback, if I forgot anything (which I don't believe I did), and tell me if it worked out for you! If it didn't, tell me, I'll help!

***Note to mods: As I haven't seen another tutorial anywhere for this laptop, you aren't obligated to sticky it, but if you do, that's fine with me.

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