luni, 2 august 2010

Easy way to run Leopard on VMWare in Windows <- No Dual Booting required!!

  • It is all set up and works straight after downloading !
  • All you need to do is Download VMWare PLAYER which is free from HERE and the Leopard Files which is linked to in the tutorial.
  • Now you can download it via torrent. (Thanks peu)
  • Just thought I'd tell you guys since everyone's having issues dual booting..
  • USB is unstable
  • I got ethernet to work !!!!!!! (Link)
  • I've got one of my USB Memory Stick's to work, so USB works a little...
  • There are issues with Xcode as well so use try the iphone SDK at your own risk.
  • I think you just don't install CHUD Tools but be careful!
  • This is just for seeing what a Mac is like, if you like it then buy a real mac!!

  • What is Vmware ? - Vmware is a program that allows you to run a virtual computer. So instead of actually having to install it on a seperate drive or dual-booting you can just launch this program inside Windows and start using Leopard!
  • Do i need to set any thing up? - No! It's works straight after downloading. Ethernet settings need to be edited but simple tutorials will show you how (See Information)

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