luni, 2 august 2010

Leopard 10.5.5 on Acer aspire 3690 - Successful / Tutorial

this is a tutorial for installing mac leopard on Acer aspire 3690. it wasn't an easy experience. i spend a sleepless days try to reach a best configuration to make it work with most of Acer drivers and run smoothly without any problems.

first i installed (Kalway) 10.5.2 but i figured out it make everything slow. plus i wanted to install (iphone sdk) which will not run on a version less than 10.5.5.

without too much chit chat lets begin the installation process.

1. Acer aspire 3690.
2. a dvd writer.
3. iATKOS_5i (this is the operating system). you can google it and you will find it in both torrents and direct downloads.

1. burn the downloaded iATKOS_5i with a program called (img burn), you can google it to find it with crack. this program will burn the iaktos and make it bootable.

2. once the burn of the dvd finished, put the dvd disc into acer aspire 3690.

3. press F2 to go to bios settings, go to boot and tell the bios to start from the dvd.

4. after saving and restart, the iaktos will begin, press any key to start the installation.

5. it takes time before it give you a welcome screen.

6. When you get the ‘Welcome’ screen, don’t hit continue straight away! Move your point to the ‘Utilities’ menu, and select ‘Disk Utility’.

7. When the 'Disk Utility' application loaded, click your main drive in the left hand pane (probably the very top entryis your HDD manufacturer’s name’).

8.Select the partition you already prepared for Mac OS X (that would be partition 1) and choose ‘Erase partition’ with the option ‘Mac OS extended Journaled’ selected.
n.b: if you are not planning to run windows on the laptop i recommend to make the 80 gb H.D.D ONLY ONE PARTITION. so u can have a better performace and have freedom to install all ur mac applications then.

9.after erasing th epartition, close 'Disk utility', continue until you see the 'Customize' button, press it.

10. this is the most important step in the installation process. the mac will work or not depending on your choices here. the choices as follows:
iaktos v5i main system.
apple decrypt.
smBios EFI
kernel TOH
x86 acpi
gma 950 a
speedstep a
laptop battery
realtek R1000

12. it will take time to finish the installtion. be patient, after finishing installation, there will be a restart and thats it. you will hear a sound of an old song during setting up your account. now you have a mac. enjoy.

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