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BootCD with MBR support

Title: BootCD with MBR support
Version: -
Compatible with:
10.5.x Not sure
10.6.x (64-bit) Yes
From Nawcom blog:

I found out that meklort a while ago wrote some support kext a while ago which takes advantage of some kern_exec.c code so you can do some initial userspace actions, which IMO is fucking amazing.

He is currently using, for what I’ve seen, with a CLI app that he runs before launching WindowServer for his NBI project. I took this kext (PostBootMounter.kext + PostBootSymbols.kext) and changed the mount point in it so it takes advantage of /private/etc on the Install DVD instead, which as of now is used to do some on the fly modification of OSInstall and OSInstall.mpkg. As of now I have it so it does some patching for all current versions and hopefully all future versions as well.

Here are the scripts, which are contained in the PostBoot.img file on the Boot CD’s Preboot.dmg and gets mounted at /private/etc:

  • /etc/rc.cdrom (This is where the magic takes place)
  • /etc/rc.install (This is no different than the vanilla rc.install other than the new location of OSInstall.mpkg)

And that’s it, while I work on the new OSInstall.mpkg + new subpackages it will have. If you read what I was talking about in the previous post on how I want to do the install packages – this is what I am going to be doing here. Everything will be autodetected from hardware checks through the I/O Kit Registry, and an informative Post Install document will be placed on the Desktop of the first user that is created for the OS. If anyone has some ideas on other things I should throw in, let me know! Note that I plan on making some of the autodetected options controllable by the customize list that one can bring up when they install the OS, so I won’t be taking away all control from the user of what gets installed.

Here’s the boot CD to grab – since I don’t have the specialized Install pkgs on it, I just have myHack 1.1.4 in the Post-Install folder of the CD for you to run after booting up the installed OS with the CD.

Now, on to the second part of this post. It involves the current kernel that we have collaborated from previous voodoo kernel code to use in 10.6, adding on support for older CPUs, AMD CPUs, as well as even newer Intel CPUs. I named it the legacy kernel. If you’ve used myHack, you can see Conti called it the chocolate kernel (which i think is a fucking horrible name). I got in contact with AnV as well as a number of other devs and hopefully we will get a group together for xnu work, just like the Voodoo Team in 10.5 with the xnu kernel.

One thing I want to change is the name of the kernel. If you think about it, legacy is a bad word to attach to this. It’s not just for older CPUs. And I don’t want to call it Voodoo again. IMO the name Voodoo has been attached to a number of other projects. We need a new name for this.

Someone suggested the h4x0r kernel. Come on now. I hope you aren’t serious. Heh. I was thinking for a name that represents the purpose of the kernel – to extend support to the unsupported, in general. If your x86 CPU isn’t supported, then it will be supported with this kernel. I thought of something like universal xnu, though I still feel unsatisfied with it.

So here I am, asking people to help out with this idea. If you have a really nice name, or any suggestions about different directions that you feel is better, post below.

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