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Lizard 0.62

Title: Lizard 0.62
Version: 0.62
Compatible with:
10.5.x Yes
10.6.x (64-bit) Yes
Description/instructions: Lizard is an app. from Sonotone - Darwinx86org

The aim of this application is: Lizard is an application that lets you take control on the main parameters from Chameleon bootloader. (all current versions)

Its principle aim lies in the reading / writing files and smbios.plist.
You can also create a bootable ISO with some basic parameters (for more advanced features, see :

Support smbios.plist files, and NVIDIA.ROM DSDT.aml in ISO
Support of a custom theme, a graphics resolution and Time Out (default Instant Menu) at launch of ISO. For this, just drag your files into the space provided, Lizard will do the rest.

Lizard also offers advanced theme management , and introduces new information to complete (for theme builders) in the file theme.plist. It is therefore possible and inform the author and version of the theme as follows: Author Me Version 1.0 Lizard looks for miniature theme that has the name thumb.png, located in the theme directory. All current versions of Chameleon are fully supported, with a system version recognition and warning in case of not available parameters for the version found. Lizard supports custom path file smbios.plist introduced with the RC3 (its path will be indicated in the Options window Smbios ) Lizard also has a detailed help (in English), which inform you about the bootloader settings. The EFI partition is not supported, and it is not possible to customize the folder path Extra. However, it is possible to tell from Lizard use the default file (located in Library / Preferences / SystemConfiguration).

Credits: Prasys for his help( smbios ) Distemperus for his help (boot) Trauma, Kabyl, JrCs, Blackosx for their expertise and comments.

- 0.2: permissions and some bugs fixed
- 0.21: Memory type is displayed as DDR... etc. Only DDR(18)-DDR2(19)-DDR3(24)-FBDIMM(20) .
- 0.30: Ability to define Extra path (see preferences)
- 0.33: minor fix and update error check for smbios.plist
- 0.40: changes in Ram infos management
- 0.45: backup and cpu patch support / interface changes
- 0.55: Plist preview and pciroot detection (only informative) added. Partition detection (non raid). Various bug fix.
- 0.60: Updated to fit new RC4 boot flags - added serial number builder
- 0.61: Possibility to read/save extra boot flags
- 0.62: Fixed a bug that resulted in crashes

Note: If you use the serial builder, make sure you backup your old SN, some shareware (i.e.: cookbook) use the serial number for validation.

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