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Intel DX58SO Drivers 10.6.4 10.6.5 v1.2.1

Author Version 1.2.1
File Size Compatible with
10.5.x No
10.6.x (64-bit) Yes
File Size File Size 4.32 MB
Downloads Downloads 514
Intel DX58SO Drivers 10.6.4 & 10.6.5 v1.2.1

History Version:

* Bug fixed in auto selection audio option AppleHDA 10.6.5 kext. (The custom installer is now in mode manually.)

* Added HDEF Audio into DSDT (No required more HDAEnabler.kext)
* The smbios.plist was added for the right recognition of the ram memory's speed that are support by the motherboard.

* Added AppleHDA 10.6.5 -10H542
* Added repair permission and rebuild cache
* Added (64-bits & 32-bits)
* Fix Package Installer, Replace existing files in the system

initial Release

Package Inside:

DSDT (HPET, HDEF, Fixed & Patched, Native AppleIntelCPUManagement, Enable Intel SpeedStep.)

Note: remove in the Extra folder the NullCPUPowerManagement after installation, don't need anymore this kext.


ALC889 Audio (Legacy889HDA)
AppleHDA (Binary patched for ALC889 (10.6.4 and 10.6.5 -10H542) 10.6.4 selected by default.
AppleIntel8256X (Ethernet)
FakeSMC 2.5

Others: (64-bits & 32-bits)
Theme Chameleon 2.0 Custom (Intel DX58SO)
smbios.plist (DDR3 1066,1333,1600)

* (Enable C-States generation for native power management, Graphics Enabler is activated. *Required Chameleon 2.0 RC5 r516)

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