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Nawcom Mod CD v0.3

Author Version 0.3
File Size Compatible with
10.5.x Unkown
10.6.x (64-bit) Yes
File Size File Size 27.66 MB
Downloads Downloads 141



Okay, I’ve been so distracted with everything in life that this week I finally decided to work on osx86 related stuff. I took a few days to put together the CD that I have been planning on doing – one that modifies what the retail DVD installs, hence turning a swap CD + retail DVD into an equivalent to how distros have always been. I also wanted to apply my ideas for autodetection for hardware support.

Let me introduce the nawcom Mod CD. It is exactly what this is. I still have a number of things to fix up in it, as well as I plan on redoing part of it so I will have it do the autodetection patching at the same time as the standard MBR fix is applied to the Distribution file, instead of the autodetection logic being in the package itself (does that make sense? heh). Due to the device id checks being executed in the package itself, it slows the customization (if one needed to do still) down a bit.

I only want some people who know the OS well to test this out and report back with valueable info, no “it doesn’t work” stuff. I have a few people in the #snowleopard channel testing it already.

As I said, I’m gonna be making some big changes in how this works in the next few days, so it’s your choice if you want to try it out. I’ll also have some pics up with how the customize list looks like.


  • Changed the boot screen
  • Used the kernel blacklist code to disable graphics kexts when using the CD. This way there won’t be issues anymore.
  • Hardware autodetection is now done in rc.cdrom instead of OSInstall.mpkg, so the Install Customize dialog now 1000% faster since theres no conditions to go through for each one.

What else is there to add? I plan on covering the kexts more and add some legitimate ATI video support. There are some issues with a few LAN cards. Also, even though I’ve implemented my little technique for delivering postinstall content to the desktop of the first user at the first time logging in, I have yet to implement the idea for the postinstall notes. As of now I’m only using it for a postinstall package for PS/2 Trackpad support. And of course, there is plenty of problems with a few newer CPUs, so I need to work on that.

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