duminică, 19 decembrie 2010

Apple App Store: Auto-Translation Tool ‘Word Lens’ A Super Hit!

Quest Visual has released a new app known as Word Lens which is an auto-translation tool. Word Lens has impressed millions of users with its speed of translating, taking things to a whole new level. The intelligent tool analyzes text within an image and instantly translates English to Spanish or Spanish to English. To top it all, the app is available for FREE on theApple App Store but each translation option costs $4.99, which means if you need to get both the translating version, you need to pay $9.98. This is just a one-time fee and available to onlyiOS 4.0 or later versions, while no Android version is currently available.
The Word Lens App can instantly translate printed words from one language to another with the help of your built-in camera. The app is currently offering two types of translations:
1. Spanish to English
2. English to Spanish
Web Lens Translation
Furthermore, the technology features modes such as Reverse Words which spells all words backwards and Erase Words which has an advanced digital white-out technology. The app requires no network with results appearing immediately on your screen. The app is best used on clearly printed text with a small drawback as it does not recognize handwriting or stylized fonts.

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