duminică, 19 decembrie 2010

Google Voice app updated with iPod touch and iPad support

Google has just updated their official Google Voice app with a number of new features and enhancements including compatibility support for iPad and iPod touch. Until now, these users had to rely on workarounds such as this one to get the app running on their device.
Of course you will not be able to make calls with your iPod touch. However, you will be able to initiate Google Voice calls using a new feature called Click2Call. When clicking a “Call” button in the app on iPad or iPod touch, you will be prompted to select a phone to send the call to. The selected phone will then ring and connect your call.
Other notable improvements include a “Do Not Distrub” setting, new Text forwarding setting, and number of bug fixes and enhancements. A full list of what’s new in this latest version of the official Google Voice app is below:
What’s New in Version
* Support for iPod Touch
* iPod Touch and iPhone can now make calls using Click2Call
* Do Not Disturb setting
* Text forwarding is automatically disabled when registering for Push notifications
* Added Text forwarding setting to the app
* Easier to make calls from the phone Address Book
* Removed annoying OK dialog every time you send an SMS
* Fixed crashes caused by text messages that begin with a space character
* Fixed bug that caused the entire Inbox to load
* Fixed bug that caused Contact pictures to get mixed up
* Improved access to Contact groups
* Improved speed of Contact search

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