duminică, 19 decembrie 2010

How to add ‘Usage’ stats to iPod touch and iPad

iPhone users have the ability to access usage stats via the, which displays ‘Time since last full charge”, “Call Time”, ‘Cellular Network Data”, and “Tether Data”. Unfortunately, this is something that Apple has decided to leave out for iPod touch and iPad users. Luckily, there is a way for these users to add the setting, as long as their device is jailbroken.
To perform add usage stats to your iPod touch or iPad, you will need:
  • A jailbroken device.
  • Your preferred method of editing your device’s files (we suggest using OpenSSH)
  • A plist editor or text edit app such as Text Wrangler
1. To start, you will have to use SSH and navigate to “/Applications/”.
2. Find “Usage” and delete the “requiredCompatibilities” string.
3. Now, navigate to  /Applictaions/ Statistics.plist and remove “required Compatibilities” from the following: “STANDBY_ELAPSED”, “USAGE_HEADER”, and “USAGE_ELAPSED”
4. Finally, reboot your device. You should now see “Usage” located within the under “General”

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