luni, 6 decembrie 2010

How to enable multi-user browsing on iPad with Switch

One feature that isn’t implemented in current versions of iOS is the ability to have multiple user accounts. This is most likely simply because Apple assumes the majority of users do not share their iOS device with others. However, there are increasing numbers of iPad users that share the device with family and friends, making the Switch web browser app a handy tool for keeping your browsing data private.

While this isn’t multiple user accounts for the entire OS, it does provide the ability to have password protected accounts within the browser. The app will save all of your data on your personal account and allow you to resume your browsing session by simply entering your account password upon launching the app. This way, multiple users can use the browser, keep their data private, and resume multiple browsing sessions quickly and easily.
Even if you hit the lock button without exiting the app, the browser will prompt you for your password upon unlocking your device. Hitting the ‘switch’ button in the top right corner of the app will allow to quickly switch between accounts.

There is also the ability to switch between multiple accounts on a website without having to reenter your passwords. This will come in handy for devs or business users that want to access multiple accounts on a single website at any given time.
The Switch web browser also provides a “Guest” mode that will delete all history, passwords, and cookies automatically after the browser is closed.
You can download Switch for iPad here. The app currently requires iOS 4.2 or later, but the developer plans to update to version 1.1 soon, which will bring support for iOS 3.2.

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