duminică, 19 decembrie 2010

How to stream video from your iPhone, iPod, or iPad to your Mac with AirPlay

Our friends over at TUAW have posted the video below showing an AirPlay utility known as AirPlayer that will allow you to stream video from your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad to your Mac. Step-by-step guide below.
The same as AirPlay will allow you to stream video to your Apple TV connected TV, you can now send video to your Mac using the following instructions. The good news is you will not require a jailbroken device for this hack. It should work on all iOS 4.2 devices.
2. Unzip the file and drag the AirPlayer app to your Applications folder
3. Open the AirPlayer utility by double clicking it
4. Click “Start AirPlay Service”
5. Now your Mac will show up in the AirPlay menu when playing a video in the or Select the small white arrow and click your connected Mac. (AirPlay icon highlighted in image below)
While you do not need a jailbroken device for this utility, jailbroken devices will be able to stream content from any third-party app using hacks such as AirVideoEnabler. The current build of AirPlayer also doesn’t appear to support anything but video, meaning music and photos are left out.

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