marți, 18 ianuarie 2011

ATI Radeon 4670 kexts set for DVI-out

fter trying everything from Netkas to the latest Chameleon I could not get my my ATI Radeon HD4670 working on the DVI-out. These three kexts I have modified should get you working DVI signal. You should have a working system on which the video signal is transmitted through the D-sub/VGA analog system. After installing these 3 kexts, the signal will be redirected to the DVI digital connector and your VGA-connector will be disabled, so be warned.

Only working on desktop ATI Radeon HD 4670 system with both DVI and VGA (and optional HDMI connector).

Remove all the 3 existing kexts from your S/L/E directory and install these 3 modified kexts with kext utility. Shutdown the system and replace your D-Sub/VGA cable with a DVI-cable and turn on your system. The video signal will now be redirected to the digital DVI connector. Enjoy !

The kexts are modified to use the Shrike framebuffer.

Install all the 3 kexts in this zip-file

Download link
ATI_Radeon_4670_DV (2.79 MB)

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